Rudder and Trim Tab Anodes

Easily Service All The Rudder and Trim Tab Anodes In The Boat Yard

Rudders and trim tabs come in all different sizes, and are fitted to so many different types of boat that it can sometimes be ineffective to use the same model of anode for them all. With the range we offer, you can source the smallest to the largest really easily.

Marine engineers, boat builders, workboat technicians, retailers alike can all benefit from the wide variety to suit every need.

Both trade and retail customers are able to view the full rudder and trim tab range, and specifications in the online catalogue. This useful resource is free to use, and also includes PDF versions to download as required.

Full drawings are also included in the FREE hard copy Tecnoseal catalogue, available to trade customers only.

Tecnoseal US style anode pair for trim tabs or rudders

The Range

Not all anodes are suitable for every purpose, especially if you’ve got a boat that’s changing water type. We offer zinc, aluminium and magnesium in single disc anode form, and pairs including fixing bolts. Some trim tab anodes are specifically designed to match specifications, and some trim tab and rudder anodes are general purpose from 50mm to 140mm in diameter.

Choose to pop by the trade counter, use our local delivery service or have a box dispatched. Convenience comes as standard with us. We offer a standard next day delivery service; very important for those last minute jobs and panicked lift outs.

See below for the direct links to the relevant sections in the online catalogue.

View the full catalogue online. Catalogue opens up in a new tab in your browser.